Design Journey

Min-Wen Liu

User Experience Designer

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Project: Design journey

Date: May, 2014 - Aug, 2014

My Role: Interaction designer, product designer

Tools: research, solidworks, storyboard, arduino, brainstorming, prototyping

Design journey is a interaction exhibition display for A1 PRODUCTDESIGN Company.

►Help A1 PRODUCTDESIGN to get more new customers.

►Present A1 PRODUCTDESIGN's design service

►User friendly, not complicated.

User research: Professional User

User focus - Who is our user?

Old customers: industrial and technology company

New Customers: Product Engineering company, Product design service,  industrial and technology company

Museum Company - Expo Design service

Specific usability and user experience goals

► Get information about A1 PRODUCTDESIGN , attention and interest.

Design service process and analysis

User scenario: Storyboard

Concept development

Making Prototype

Processing, Arduino and augmented reality

Form Explorations & Modeling