Deutsche Telekom IDM

Min-Wen Liu

User Experience Designer

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Project: Deutsche Telekom Holistic Identity Management

Role: User Experience Designer and Researcher Intern

Project type: User Research, UX Concept


In the digital world has too many passwords, accounts, usernames, and there are also too many plastic cards in our wallet. But every company would like to create the “One ID” product for the user. And how to balance convenience and privacy is our challenge.

Design Thinking

I worked with a multi-disciplinary team, UX Researcher, Psychologist, Engineer, UX designer, Interaction  designer to use design thinking method and tools to find consumer insight, visualize storyboards and create graphical illustration, support many design thinking workshop and conceptual development (Ideation).

User Research

I interned at Deutsche Telekom as a UX Designer/Researcher Intern 2015, teamed up with my mentor and work for this project, I was one of the core team members, involved many User Research activities from Desk research, customer advisory board, questionnaire, B2B scenario workshop to expert ideation workshop.

Create persona and visualize storyboards

Use-case storyboard

This project is confidential. For more of my design process please contact me. Or to refer to my other projects online: Flitz