Min-Wen Liu

User Experience Designer

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Project: Flitz

Role: UX Designer, UI Designer

Project type: Mobile UX, ios and Android devices. WebApp

Flitz is a services platform enables people to outsource everyday tasks to local students, or students have the chance to exert your expertise.

The goal of Flitz

The goal of this project is to create an online platform that is user friendly and more convenience to help both demander and student to find each other.

And the challenge is how? What is the must-have features?

Research & find the problems

In the first step we did the desk research for Competitor Analysis, e.g. ebay, many different apps for outsource jobs and also discussed about dating app like tinder, and then we found the problem which user meet is multifaceted. Because there were two target user in this app, demander and student.

User needs, user story

So we collected all of the user comments, listened to them and try to understand what they need from the problems they met. 

And based on these documents, we discussed about many use cases and create the user stories then to define the feature and function of this App.

Features & Flow

So from the last step we found there are many important features, e.g. create jobs, search jobs, create offer, search offer, book offer, book jobs, manage jobs, etc.

The following Image is the Flow for search jobs (student perspective), and in this stage we create flows for each stories, from user perspective (demander & Student) to think about the whole experience.


In this process we used the paper prototype to do the first sketch and wireframe, could quickly adjust or change the concept, the following image is about search jobs, in the beginning we designed the search area was based on the user location, but then we realized there were many situation that the user may change their location regularly, e.g. exchange student, vacation, business trip, so we had a discussion and design to let the user change their search distance and places.

User Interface design

We created the styleguide for flitz app, and used those elements, components, modules to build the responsive ios, android and web applications.

Final UI design

I'm also involved in UI design team in this project, in this process we worked close to the developer team, deliever iconfont, screens and tried to design the priority of different information and elements.

The app is ready to be published on the Mac app sttore &Google Play Store, Click here to see how the app works.